Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. provides Mobile Notary Services!

A sample of the areas and industries where Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. provides Mobile Notary Services:
• Attorneys and Law firms
• Residential Homes
• Businesses (large or small)
• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes & Assisted Care Facilities
• Hospices
• Structured Settlement Firms
• Unclaimed Asset Firms
• Tax Loan Businesses
• Associations and Groups
• Construction Sites
• Banks
• Schools
• Auto Dealerships
• Marinas
• Airports

Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. charges travel fees for actual necessary expenses in going beyond the corporate limits of Sagamore Hills Township. Travel fees include, but are not limited to, the standard IRS mileage rate for 2017 of 53.5 cents per mile for business miles driven. Travel fees are always quoted upfront and travel fees must be agreed upon before a notary will preform any duties. Travel fees are separate from Notary fees. 

We serve the following Counties:
• Cuyahoga County
• Medina County
• Portage County
• Stark County
• Summit County

Things to Know!
• A form presented for notarization should be completed prior to presenting it to the Notary. A Notary cannot acknowledge a signature on a blank form.
• An Ohio Notary Public can notarize documents issued in any Ohio county.
• The person whose signature is being notarized must personally appear before the Notary Public and be known to the Notary Public or present proper photo identification.
• A Notary Public cannot offer legal advice.
• It is a signature, not a document, which is notarized.
• A Notary Public can acknowledge a signature even if a document has already been signed only when the person who signed it is known to the Notary Public and personally appears before the Notary. This is NOT the case when the Notary must administer an Oath or Affirmation in connection with executing an Affidavit. The best scenario is to always sign in the presence of the Notary.
ohio_sealIn Ohio, a notary is a public officer appointed by the Ohio Secretary of State. Administering oaths, certifying affidavits, taking acknowledgement, taking depositions and recording notarial protests are among the official duties of a notary public.

An Acknowledgement is a formal declaration by a person executing a document, made to a Notary Public, that the person signing the document is doing so freely and voluntarily for the purpose set forth in the document.  Certain documents such as deeds, mortgages, liens, powers of attorneys, and certain other instruments, must be acknowledged in the presence of a Notary Public (notarized) to be legally sufficient.  However, certain documents are not required to be acknowledged or notarized, but are done so merely to insure their authenticity.

David A. Moyer is the official Notary Public for OEConnection, LLC
Mr. Moyer is a member of the National Notary Association
Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. received an A+ rating from the  BBB_Logo_sm