What are the financial advantages of using Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd.?

NO Training costs
NO Unemployment taxes
NO Social Security taxes
NO Worker’s Comp Insurance
NO Sick time or vacation time
NO Contributions to retirement or health plans
NO Need to pay for down time
NO Work space problems
NO Overtime
NO Personnel problems

The benefit for the attorney is clear – he or she receives paralegal services without the cost of hiring a new employee.

Why choose Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. over a temporary or employment agency?
It is far less expensive for you, and you develop a relationship with an experienced paralegal who has a flexible schedule and the skills to meet your needs. Any training value is realized by utilizing the same paralegal as each need arises. Their expertise can be used to fill-in during an absence or handle any overflow work. Or test your staffing needs prior to hiring full-time or part-time staff.

How is confidential information handled?
A paralegal shall be aware of and abide by all legal authority governing
confidential information in the jurisdiction in which the paralegal practices.
A paralegal shall not use confidential information to the disadvantage of the
A paralegal shall not use confidential information to the advantage of the
paralegal or of a third person.
A paralegal may reveal confidential information only after full disclosure and
with the client’s written consent; or, when required by law or court order; or,
when necessary to prevent the client from committing an act that could result in
death or serious bodily harm.
A paralegal shall keep those individuals responsible for the legal representation
of a client fully informed of any confidential information the paralegal may have
pertaining to that client.
A paralegal shall not engage in any indiscreet communications concerning

How are conflicts of interest handled?
A paralegal shall act within the bounds of the law, solely for the benefit of the
client, and shall be free of compromising influences and loyalties. Neither the
paralegal’s personal or business interest, nor those of other clients or third
persons, should compromise the paralegal’s professional judgment and loyalty to
the client.
A paralegal shall avoid conflicts of interest that may arise from previous assignments, whether for a present or past employer or client.
A paralegal shall avoid conflicts of interest that may arise from family
relationships and from personal and business interests.
In order to be able to determine whether an actual or potential conflict of interest
exists a paralegal shall create and maintain an effective record keeping system
that identifies clients, matters, and parties with which the paralegal has worked.
A paralegal shall reveal sufficient non-confidential information about a client or
former client to reasonably ascertain if an actual or potential conflict of interest
A paralegal shall not participate in or conduct work on any matter where a
conflict of interest has been identified.
In matters where a conflict of interest has been identified and the client consents
to continued representation, a paralegal shall comply fully with the
implementation and maintenance of an Ethical Wall.