Dear Attorney:
How often have you wished you had a “right arm” – someone to assist you with your heavy caseload? How often have you sought out ways to increase your productivity without substantially increasing the costs of providing efficient and expedient services to your clients? No doubt, QUITE OFTEN! The additional assistance you have been seeking is available from Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd.


Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd.  offers attorneys the option of having paralegal services without the necessity of hiring an employee. Freelance or contract paralegals are self-employed paralegals that perform work for attorneys on a contract basis. They are no different than traditional paralegals except that they are not employed by an attorney in a traditional setting such as a law firm, governmental entity or corporation.  Contract paralegals are available on an “as-needed” basis by many supervising attorneys to take on short-term or long-term projects.  Freelance paralegals are educated and qualified to perform paralegal work just the same as traditionally-employed paralegals. They can perform the same services from a remote location (See Virtual Paralegals) or from a temporary office within the law firm. Contract paralegals can work on a specific case, fill in for paralegals that are on vacation or temporary leave or perform specific paralegal services.

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Virtual Paralegals are contract paralegals that work online from another location to perform specific paralegal duties for an attorney. The paralegal services offered by virtual paralegals include document preparation and legal research. By using a virtual paralegal, the attorney can bill the client for the paralegal’s time without spending the attorney’s resources hiring and training a new employee. Virtual paralegals offer a variety of paralegal services to attorneys and law firms.

A small sample of the many services we provide to attorneys only:

  • Legal research
  • Draft Legal documents
  • Draft correspondence
  • Read case law and prepare case briefs
  • Prepare trial notebooks for court, I’m the Author of “Creating a Trial Notebook”, now available as an eBook for the Kindle at
  • File documents with the Court or opposing counsel
  • Obtain Affidavits to be used as evidence
  • Serving as a remote testimony witness

If you don’t see the service you need, just ask!

• Services are billed in 15 minute increments with a 15 minute minimum
• Some services may be available for a flat rate
• Evening, Weekend and Rush services are available for an additional 25% premium
• Rates must be agreed upon prior to commencement of work ∗


You will be also be billed for fees and expenses incurred on your behalf, such as: photocopies, postage, fax charges, overnight/expedited delivery services, couriers, court fees, parking fees, internet search/investigative fees, and, if necessary,  travel expenses.